April 3, 2013

30-Day House Cleaning Challenge Day #3

I am participating in Money Saving Mom’s 30-Day Housecleaning Challenge.  Each day in April, she posts a challenge for the day, then a follow-up that evening.  I will post my results and pictures here on my good ‘ole blog.  If you’d like to participate as well, visit Crystal’s blog here.
The assignment for day #3 was to surface clean the bedroom.  I chose to take care of the master bedroom, because well, it would probably take me at least four hours to clean up my boys room. 
No joke.  It looks like a toy store exploded in there, DESPITE the fact that I just cleaned and completely re-organized their room about a month ago. 

Anyway, my room wasn’t bad at all.  Luckily this challenge wasn’t posted one week ago, or I would have had some really sad pictures.  I still had Christmas decorations that needed to be boxed away shoved into a corner of my room, as well as a big tote of maternity clothes. 
I had my baby 8 months ago.

I usually make my bed in the mornings, but it got skipped this morning.

This wardrobe holds most of my folded clothing.  It was a bit messy on top.  It was also full of dust.

My dressing table is always a catch-all for whatever random stuff accumulates in our room.  That is a big pile of magazines I need to go through and discard.
So today, I decided to clear the clutter, dust everything, vacuum the floor, and make the bed. 
This looks so much better with the doors closed.  I should always do that. :)

Everything looked much more put together after I was done.  I was very happy I had just cleaned up this room.  Today’s challenge took no time at all. 

How did you do today?  I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. pretty. What a unique idea with the mirror as the headboard! I didn't even get my bedroom done because I had craft day with friends.

  2. Thank you! We got our king-sized bed/frame a while back and have yet to splurge on a headboard. So I thought the mirror would give a headboard-like effect. Thanks for stopping by!


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