April 3, 2013

30-Day House Cleaning Challenge—Day #2


I am participating in Money Saving Mom’s 30-Day Housecleaning Challenge.  Each day in April, she posts a challenge for the day, then a follow-up that evening.  I will post my results and pictures here on my good ‘ole blog.  If you’d like to participate as well, visit Crystal’s blog here.
The assignment on Day #2 was to clean the bathrooms.  Despite my dislike for the actual cleaning of the bathrooms, what I dislike even more is a dirty bathroom. 

So on day #2, my plan was to:
  • Set the timer for 20 minutes
  • Put cleaner in the toilets and swish
  • Spray down the tub and shower
  • Clear the clutter from the counter
  • Clean the mirrors
  • Wipe down the counters
  • Finish cleaning the toilet bowl and wipe down the outside of the toilet
  • Wipe down the tub and shower
  • Vacuum the floor

This process went pretty quickly.  I learned a long time ago to let the cleanser do the job for me.  That’s why I spray everything first, do everything else, then come back and finish wiping down the surfaces.  It takes much less elbow grease doing it this way.
So, here’s my before:
Clutter city.  I usually put my stuff away once I’m done with it.  I guess I was in a hurry this morning! :)
I didn’t take pictures of my toilet just because I had just cleaned it.  Besides, who wants to see a dirty toilet anyway?

Here’s the after.  It’s amazing what clearing a little clutter will do to a room.  It looked cleaner just by doing that one step.

Here’s another shot.  Excuse the weird flowers on the wall.  We took down an old mirror and replaced it with a nicer one.  The lovely flower printed paneling was hiding behind it.  The next step is to paint.  I’ll keep you posted!
Day #2 proved to be pretty quick.  If I would have had to scrub my tub and showers, it would have taken me much longer.  But I really try to keep on top of those before they get too yucky.  Looking forward to day #3.
Are you participating in the challenge?  I'd love to hear about it!

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