July 6, 2015

A "Hello!" And A Quick Update

Hi everyone! I just wanted to stop by the blog here to give a little update since it has been such a long time. We have had so many things going on in all areas of our lives, and to say the blog has been on the back burner is quite the understatement. 

The last time I was with you all was in January when I wrote my goals post. You should be happy to know I have met and am continuing to meet those goals, particularly those in the area of Faith.
I have also been very successful in my Personal Health and Growth goal list. The only one I’m really slacking on is the taking some time to pamper myself weekly. I am much more sporadic with that one, but I’m still working on it. The good news is I am taking some time for myself in other ways, so that has really assisted in my journey toward a less stressful life.

Now to tell you a bit about where I have been. I have certainly not gone anywhere, but I have been very busy. We had a big financial goal to eliminate a lot of our debt this year. I did not include that in my goals here on the blog just because I prefer to keep things like that private. However, what has kept be from blogging has been the onslaught of work I’ve done to eat away at our debt. I have really amped up my freelancing business, and I am happy to say that hard work has really paid off. 

We have paid off almost 90% of our debt (except our home) since the first of the year. It was through a lot of work, sacrifice, and late nights on the computer to get where we are today. I have a little more to go before we are completely debt free, but it is such a small amount that I no longer have to work quite as much as I did before.

That means that I will soon be able to turn my attention back to JTTB and build it up to what I dream for it to be. I have big plans for the blog, including some sight redesign, a video series, and more. I hope to have the blog updated on a regular basis beginning in August when my children return to school. Most of you moms out there can probably understand when I say how difficult it is to get good videos with a bunch of rowdy boys in the house!

So, I want to say thank you to those of you out there who are still hanging in there with me despite my lack of activity. I am planning so many great things, so please check back!

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