Top 10 Dollar Tree Buys

I’m a huge fan of Dollar Tree. For anyone who has never heard of it, Dollar Tree is a store full of items from household items to toys, to grocery items. And everything in the store is one dollar (or less in some instances).

Up until a couple weeks ago, I would have to shop at Dollar Tree when I would make a trip to a larger city about 45 minutes away. I was so excited to learn several months ago that a new store was opening up closer to my town.

Happy dance!

Now, I will say that there are some things there that I wouldn’t purchase. For example, I wouldn’t purchase medication there. But they do have so many great items that I do use regularly. I can’t tell you how much shopping there has helped my grocery budget. So I decided to compile a top ten list of my favorite Dollar Tree Buys. Keep in mind that stores in different regions may or may not carry the same items.

1Hot Sauce— I recently discovered the great selection of hot sauces in my store. We are big fans of all kinds of hot sauce. One of my favorites is a hot wing sauce that is actually manufactured in my state. They also have sriracha and hot sauce.

2Pasta— I just discovered that I could get all sorts of pastas at Dollar Tree. I was especially excited to find lasagne noodles there. I never find lasagne noodles for a dollar, even in discount grocery stores. They also had some whole wheat pastas as well.

3.  Jarred Olives and Peppers— My husband is a HUGE fan of olives. I have found all sorts of gourmet-style olives. They have plain ones as well as stuffed olives with all kinds of yummies. They also had jarred pepperoncini which is a favorite around here.

4.  Gift Wrap and Bags— I think we can all agree that gift wrapping items are a steal at Dollar Tree. The only better deal I can get on gift wrap is at after-Christmas sales. I always purchase my birthday wrapping supplies there.

5.  School Supplies— I have found such great things for my kids. My favorites are manuscript writing tablets, flash cards, activity books, dry-erase markers, and scissors.

6.  Storage bins— We are always dealing with storage issues around here. With three boys, the toys can pile up quickly. I always pick up a few whenever I’m there.

7.  Spices and Kosher Salt— Dollar Tree carries quite a variety of dried spices. I usually buy my staple spices at Sam’s in bulk size because I use them so often. But there are some that I don’t use quite as much. Whenever I need a spice in a small quantity, I always check Dollar Tree first. They also had Kosher salt which made me really happy!

8.  Kid-Size clothes hangers— I was in need of hangers for my kids’ closet, and I happened to be in the store. I had hangers on my Wal-Mart list, but I decided to stop in Dollar Tree first. Low and behold, there they were.

9.  Plastic Spray Bottles— I always need these for my homemade cleaners. I also use them to spritz my seedlings. You can never have too many.

10.  Nail Polish— I love to play around with fun nail polish colors. I like picking up fun colors to try out. I don’t feel too guilty if I don’t like them. Now if I’d spent ten dollars on a bottle of nail polish and hated it, I would have been a tad annoyed.

 Do you love Dollar Tree as much as I do?  What are your favorite buys?

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